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Online personal training services

Online personal training is a unique tool where anyone worldwide can work with the personal trainer of their choice. We appreciate that not everybody can or wants to work with a personal trainer on a one-to-one basis, but at the same time still would like access to high quality coaching and programming. This is what makes online personal training such a unique and convenient service for many.    

Who is online personal training suitable for?

Online personal training is suitable for anyone ranging from a professional athlete to a stay at home mum. Whether you are looking to drop body fat, build muscle or just feel better and take control of your health, online personal training is for you.

What makes online personal training with us different?

We understand that everyone requires a unique approach based upon their individual circumstances. Which is why we put in an OCD level of care, attention and time when creating our clients plans to ensure every detail is accounted for. We have put a lot of emphasis on support and education throughout our online personal training programmes, to ensure any possible hurdles our online personal training participants may face can easily be worked around and overcome.

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*Disclaimer | Results may vary | No guarantee of specific results.
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*Disclaimer | Results may vary | No guarantee of specific results.

The sign up process:

Step 1: Upon signing up to the online personal training programme you will be sent a welcome email containing various forms and questionnaires. We will also ask you to provide starting photos (front, side & back). Once submitted and reviewed, this information will give us a clear picture of your starting point and what method/methods will work best for you.

Step 2: Once we have assessed all of your information we will then create your bespoke training and nutritional plans. Within 5 working days your first plan will be sent out via email. Every Saturday, we will send you (via email) a weekly check-in report. This is to be filled out and submitted within 24 hours. This information will allow us to answer any questions you may have and change any aspects of the plan, if necessary.

Step 3: At the end of every specific phase you will submit your results. These results include load/rep progression in the gym, progress photos (front, side & back) body weight/body fat (if possible) and nutritional feedback.This information will then be assessed and used when creating your  future online personal training plans. Within 3 working days you will receive all the new plans.

Step 4: Once you have completed the online personal training programme and submitted your final results, we will discuss all of the progress that you have made and what is the best option for you moving forward. We will also provide you with an after care plan. This consists of an additional training programme, along with the calorie and macronutrient ratios you will need to maintain your results. Why do we provide this additional service free of charge? Simply because we care and want to ensure you maintain all of your results.


This consists of finding out your past and current training, nutrition, medical history, lifestyle and work commitments. This information will allow us to structure and tailor your bespoke training, nutrition and supplementation plans around your lifestyle and specific circumstances. This will all be done via questionnaires, documentation and online consultations.

Initial nutritional and lifestyle analysis:
You will be required to keep a food diary of exactly what you consume over a seven day period. This information will allow us to accurately ascertain how much you’re currently eating and what positive changes need to be made. This will ensure your nutritional protocols are specific and tailored to YOU and not generic guidelines and food pyramid charts.

Initial posture/movement screening (Pictures and Videos):
This is where we find out your muscular strengths and weaknesses along with how efficiently your body moves. This information will allow us to really individualise your training programme, ensuring continual injury free progress. We will ask you to provide us with pictures and videos of yourself performing specific movements.


Once all of the relevant information has been gathered through the initial consultations, we will then design your unique training programme. This will be a 4, 12 or 24 week periodised online personal training programme with each phase building upon the last, all designed to carve out a brand new you. 


Once all of the relevant information has been gathered through the initial consultations, we will then design your unique nutritional programme. The nutritional programme will be written and designed on the cutting edge iNutrition pro software. The nutritional plan will break down exactly how many calories, macronutrients, meals and fluids you should consume over the course of your online personal training programme.


Once all of the relevant information has been gathered through the initial consultations, we will then design your unique supplementation programme. We’ll outline any suspected nutritional deficiencies and any specific nutrients that will aid in your progress.


Access to a video database of all exercises included in your training programme.

Access to a private Facebook forum of past and present participants.

Email & online support.

 Nutritional plans designed on the cutting edge nutritional software – iNutrition pro.

Braverman test (Neurotransmitter testing).

Educational manual: We want you to understand everything. You don’t need a personal trainer forever.


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