The number 1 excuse I hear is “I just don’t have time to lose weight or get fit”. Realistically of course, these people do have the time, everybody does. We all just have a different set of circumstances that need to be worked around.

People overestimate the progress they can make in 3 months and underestimate the progress they can make in 1 year. Implementing small changes that are religiously followed can deliver huge change overtime.


Tip 1: Exercise: Find 30-60 minutes 3x per week for exercise. If you are really busy find 15 minutes 3x per week. If you can’t exercise 3x per week then just exercise 1x per week. Just start! Perform the best bang for your buck exercise. Remember this isn’t for enjoyment, this is for the biggest return on investment.

Circuit training using body weight or external resistance (weights) is best. The bodyweight exercises can even be done at home, making them ideal for someone who doesn’t have the time to go to the gym. Circuit training can include 4-10 exercises performed back to back with very little or no break in between each exercise. Only resting once all of the exercises have been completed. This is typically repeated 2-4 times.


Tip 2: Nutrition: For anyone who is busy, preparing and cooking food can become an inconvenience. If you have the finances, I recommend having food that is already cooked and prepared delivered to either your home or your office. There are countless food delivery services out there now that allow you to order meals with a specific calorie and macronutrient breakdown.

Another option, which I recommend for most people, would be to research what local food shops you have near your home or workplace. Check their websites and look up what food and meals they offer and choose the ones that aline with your goals.

You could also cook in bulk. Stew like meals can be made in bulk 1-3 days in advance. Include a meat source, carbohydrate source and put in as many vegetables as you can.


Tip 3: Lifestyle: The best thing you could do for overall health and fat loss would be to optimise your sleep. Anything that helps you calm down in the evening and get to sleep quicker is going to help. Things such as, a warm bath in the evening, reading before bed, meditation, stretching, no screen time 2hrs before bed and not doing anything work related 2hrs before bed is all going to help. Aim for 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep.


Liam Horne | Personal Trainer Earls Court

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