Yes, I understand I have a somewhat biased opinion, but the points made below are still valid.

1: A structured plan: If fat loss or building a well rounded physique were easy, everyone that’s ever stepped foot in a gym or gone on a diet would be in great shape and I would be out of a job. The truth is, our modern world has largely created this problem. Years ago the food that was readily available to us and the amount of moving that was required on a daily basis would have largely taken care of people’s body composition issues. However, getting in shape and more importantly staying in shape can be tricky in today’s world. This is why people need a structured personalised plan!

A personalised training and/or meal plan should take into account the following; daily routine and requirements, individual genetics, training and dietary history, current composition, current food intake, stress levels, age, health, sex, specific nutritional requirements, medical history, job etc..

2: Exercise intensity: Most people will not workout hard enough by themselves, especially if they don’t actually like physical activity. If you don’t workout hard enough your results will be mediocre at best and at worst you’ll be wasting your time. I’ve spent enough time in various gyms to know that the majority of people in there are socialising and not actually training. These same people tend to never actually change their appearance beyond their beginner gains.

3: Coaching: This applies to exercise execution in the gym and the psychological aspect of losing weight. At times, it can be psychologically hard and draining when trying to improve health or lose weight, especially with all the additional stress life throws at us. When the going gets tough a personal trainer is worth their weight in gold.

4: Time: Time is the ultimate currency, you can never get more of it! Why waste time when you can higher a professional. Simply put, you’ll save time and stress.

5: Education: Without meaning to sound rude, most people, from all walks of life, have poor knowledge on the topic of nutrition. Once you understand a subject and more importantly your own body, maintaining the shape you’ve spent weeks, months and years acquiring becomes far easier and at times even effortless.

Liam Horne | Personal Trainer Earls Court 

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